Nancy P. Dorn

Nancy P. Dorn served as the Vice President of Government Relations at General Electric Company from 2003-2017. She led the company’s combined government affairs and policy team in Washington DC.

Dorn left government service in May 2003 to become Vice President of Corporate Government Relations of General Electric, where she served until 2017.

Prior to this role, Dorn served in the office of Vice President Dick Cheney as a legislative affairs assistant.  She became deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget the following year. With respect to additional background, in her early career, she was the associate staff designee on the staff for Rep. Tom Loeffler (R-Tex). Loeffler made Dorn his chief of staff in 1986, and she then went on to serve as Loeffler's chief campaign spokesperson during the 1986 Texas gubernatorial election.

Dorn later joined the US Department of State as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs. She moved to the White House in 1988, becoming Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs. In 1990, she moved to the US Department of Defense as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Inter-American Affairs.

In 1991, President George H. W. Bush nominated Dorn as Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works), and she subsequently held this office from July 1991 until January 1993.  During her time as Assistant Secretary, the US Army Corps of Engineers took a wider role in environmental cleanup projects, including cleanup of nuclear production sites operated by the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy and the EPA’s superfund sites.

From 1992 to 1998, Dorn was a principal of the firm currently known as Hooper, Owen & Winburn, focusing on energy, taxes, and international issues.

President Clinton appointed Dorn to the board of the Inter-American Foundation in August 1997.