Innovation and Investment

Argonne discoveries are bringing impact to the world.

Argonne researcher presents at UChicago's Innovation Fund competition in 2015.

Argonne computer scientist Ravi Madduri presents on behalf of startup company Navipoint Genomics at the Fall 2015 UChicago Innovation Fund Finals.

At the University of Chicago, key connections foster innovation. The University leverages its resources and relationships to promote the lab’s mission and to create scientific and economic growth. The University garners support for Argonne through its relationships with community, city, academic, and business leaders, as well as by educating federal policymakers about the labs’ scientific advancements.

Through its Office of Federal Relations, the University has worked to promote federal funding for Argonne’s research initiatives. 

Many University-led initiatives unite academic, industry, and government partners to advance national innovation. Multi-institutional programs co-sponsored by the University, such as those focused on energy and innovation, often highlight lab scientists’ expertise. The George Shultz Innovation Fund, administered through the University of Chicago's Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, is a multi-million-dollar fund that invests in promising startups from an ecosystem that includes the Argonne National Laboratory, helping researchers turn their innovations into ventures that advance cutting-edge technologies, generate significant financial returns, and create lasting impact for humankind. Competitions like the New Venture Challenge pair Chicago Booth MBA students with lab scientists to bring new technologies to the market place.

By building the bridge between research and application, the University of Chicago creates a climate of regional collaboration and facilitates groundbreaking science and technology that benefits the nation.