John Sampson

John M. Sampson is the appointed Vice President of Olin and Vice President Manufacturing and Engineering Chlor Alkali Vinyls Epoxy and Global Chlorinated Organics, a subsidiary of the Company.

Prior to this position, John was the Vice-President of Operations for Dow Chlorine Products at the Dow Chemical Company. Sampson joined Dow in 1983 in Louisiana in Polymers Research & Development before transferring to manufacturing in 1988 where he held several production engineering and production management assignments. He transferred to Dexco Polymers, a Dow-Exxon partnership, in 1992 as production supervisor and moved into a supply chain role in 1996. In 1998, Sampson relocated to Midland, Michigan, as the North America supply chain manager for Engineering Plastics and was named business champion for Six Sigma in Engineering Plastics a year later. In 2000, global supply chain responsibilities were added to his role.

Sampson served as site leader for Dow’s Pittsburg, California, facilities from 2001 to 2004 where he also held the business manufacturing leader (BML) role for the Fumigants and Turf & Ornamental businesses in Dow AgroSciences. He was named site leader for Dow’s Rhine Center facility in Germany and France in 2004 and later added BML roles for Specialties and Phenoxies and external manufacturing in Dow AgroSciences. In 2007, he was named global business director for Chlor-Alkali and was named Manufacturing Vice President, Chemicals & Energy in 2011. In 2012, John was named global Director of Environment, Health, & Safety Operations.

John is on the Board of Governors for Argonne National Laboratory and chairs their Environment, Safety, Security and Health Committee. He previously served on the Steering Committee and the Advisory Committee of the National Safety Council’s Campbell Institute. He also served on the Board of Directors for Ducks Unlimited and was Vice Chair of the Chlorine Institute.